About Us

Welcome to ElevationCo., where professionalism meets passion for aerial photography. Founded by Nick Chalhoub and Matthew Gelb, our journey began at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island, where we discovered our shared love for photography and drones.

Despite living on opposite sides of the United States—Nick in Austin, Texas, and Matt in Long Beach, New York—we've collaborated tirelessly to bring our vision to life. Nick, a certified Part 107 drone pilot, channels his roots in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and his love for photography into creating stunning drone prints. Similarly, Matt, soon to be certified, draws inspiration from Huntington, Long Island, leveraging his lifelong passion for photography and videography.

With experience showcasing our artwork in professional galleries and honing our craft in diverse industries—including real estate, sports, and construction—our dedication to professionalism and artistry drives us to provide top-notch drone services.